What to look for in a telecoms partner

With all the new technologies, services and challenges that businesses are facing, knowing where to turn to becomes a challenge in itself!

Many operations have taken the opportunity that the pandemic has brought, to adapt with the times and move to a more digital-first operation. This is because businesses become more suited to connecting with customers however they want to – and always have a fall-back plan in case another pandemic, or major event within the business, causes employees to work from home again.

But businesses – especially SMEs and start-ups – don’t necessarily have the time or resource to research different options in the market and find the right solutions to invest in. That’s where the right telecoms, like Express Telephony partner can help.

Of course, our opinion is biased, and we’d recommend working with us over others 99% of the time. But the intention of this blog is more about helping you understand what you need to look out for – the green and red flags – that will help you identify the right telecoms partner for your business.

So, lets start with the first of three factors that you’ll need to consider…


In a nutshell, any IT partner worth their salt should be able to answer broad and complex questions such as “What technology should my business adopt?”

Obviously, they may not be able to answer it right away, as they’ll need time to understand your specific challenges and goals, but their expertise and experience will help them guide you to the perfect solution.

So, how can stakeholder gauge these intangible-yet-vital characteristics?

Depending on your industry and existing systems, you may require a specialist in specific hardware or software, such as Microsoft or AWS. So, see if they have any qualifications from those vendors, which will give you an idea of how deep their knowledge goes.

It’s also worth seeing how long they’ve been going because the longer a business has been trading, the more tips and workarounds they will have found, offering a level of tech-wisdom that younger telecoms partners just don’t have.

Here’s a selection of the accreditation we have earnt at Express Telephony:

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As we mentioned earlier, most small businesses don’t have the time to invest in researching telecoms solutions and the complex technology that keeps businesses connected. And with all the complicated acronyms and buzzwords, even working with an experienced IT partner can become an incredibly confusing experience if they don’t work at your pace.

Sadly, extending deadlines and allowing more time for learning isn’t the simple solution to this challenge, as many may assume. The staff within a possible IT partner may be unable to translate terms like MPLS, or broad challenges like cybersecurity, into language that clicks in your brain. They may have time-pressures themselves, unable to slow down and work at your speed, so finding a partner that can is vital if you’re going to feel involved and confident in your digital transformation.

At Express Telephony, we’re diligently patient with our clients, speaking in plain English and taking the time to ensure everything is understood before moving them on to the next stage of their journey. So, if you want someone to work at your speed, all you need to do is call 0330 3322 640!

A single-source solution

Some people may say ‘A jack of all trades is a master of none’ but we don’t believe that at Express Telephony.

The right IT partner with the relevant experience and knowledge to support your needs should be able to supply more than just a broadband connection or phone system. All these technological advances like VoIP and collaboration are bringing multiple services closer together, so it’s only logical that sourcing them all from one provider is going to make your life that little bit easier too!

For example, getting your phone system, internet connection, network services and collaboration tools all from separate suppliers may put you between a rock and a hard place when issues arise.

We’ve heard many stories from clients who left their previous suppliers after getting passed form pillar-to-post between suppliers, each blaming each other for an issue and the business owner being no clearer as to which way to turn.

Furthermore, the more services you take from a single supplier, the more attention and extra care – possibly even discounts – will be offered to keep you happy, so their income doesn’t drop. Furthermore, you only have one bill each month, and one number to call if you have any issues!

If you want a one-stop-shop for all your IT and Telecoms needs, then you’ve already found the perfect partner, all you need to do is get in touch! With over 30 years’ experience in the telecoms industry, our Director Martin Adams and the team can ensure that you enjoy expert advice, patiently delivered to help improve your business communications.