H-TEK UC926e

UC926 is an Executive Gigabit Handsfree Colour IP Phone.  Programmable keys configurable as IP PBX features like BLF, SCA, Intercom, Call Pickup, Call Park etc. The high-resolution TFT-LCD and HD Voice bring you a lifelike visual and audio experience.

Yealink W53p

The Yealink W53P Wireless DECT Voip Phone System is a reliable and cost-effective choice for customers who are looking for a mid-level DECT IP phone for their moderate-to-active on-the-move communications.

Yealink W52p

Yealink IP DECT W52P is a cordless phone. It can become an essential tool in your business VoIP phone service thanks to the W52P with handsfree and Intercom offers. Other professional features include transfer, three-way conferencing, and speed dials.

Poly IP5000

Poly HD Voice technology makes your conference calls sound amazingly clear and bring life to the room. Its compact footprint is designed for an executive office or small conference room, with up to six participants.


The Yealink T19P E2 is a single line  display VoIP handset. An entry level phone featuring a 132 x 64-pixel graphical LCD, dual 10/100 Ethernet ports and full-duplex speakerphone.

Yealink T21P E2

The Yealink T21P E2 is a 2-line display VoIP handset allowing more information to be shown on the display. Featuring a phone directory, HD-Voice, with LCD screen and supports PoE.

Yealink T23G

The Yealink T23G VoIP Phone has a 132x64-pixel graphical LCD display, supports Gigabit Ethernet with dual ports, POE, 3 SIP Trunks and Headsets and is ideal for any office environment.

Yealink T27G

The Yealink T27G VoIP Phone has a 3.66" 240x120-pixel graphical LCD with backlight 6 line display. Features include: Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports,is Bluetooth ready, and has Wi-Fi and USB recording features.


The Yealink T48S VoIP Phone features up to 16 SIP accounts a 7" 800 x 480-pixel colour touch screen display with backlight, has dual-port gigabit ethernet ports and more!

Yealink T53W

The T53W VoIP Phone features an adjustable 3.7-inch graphical LCD, built in Bluetooth, dual band 2.4GB/5GB WiFi, Dual port Gigabit Ethernet ports and is compatible with most USB and Bluetooth headsets. 

Yealink T54W

The T53W VoIP Phone features an adjustable 4.3-inch graphical LCD, built in Bluetooth, dual band 2.4GB/5GB WiFi, Dual port Gigabit Ethernet ports and is compatible with USB and Bluetooth headsets. 

Yealink T56A

The T56A VoIP Phone features a 7 inch toch screen display, interoperable with "N's IP Intercom System, Built in Wifi, USB for Headset, Media and storage applications, 5 party conferencing.


The Yealink T29G VoIP Phone is  has dual gigabit Ethernet ports, a large 4.3" 480 x 272 -pixel colour display. Features include HD voice and up to 16 SIP accounts Headset, EHS support and Bluetooth via USB.

Yealink T41S

The Yealink T41S is a six-line VoIP phone with six built-in programmable soft keys. Featuring a phone directory, HD-Voice, with LCD screen and supports PoE, Headset and EHS. Comes ready for future Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB recording features.

Yealink T42S

The SIP-T42S is a 12-line IP phone with six soft keys. Features include Optima HD Voice Technology and wideband codec of Opus. A 2.7" 192x64-pixel graphical LCD with backlight display.

Yealink T46S

The Yealink T46S VoIP phone features up to 16 SIP accounts, 4.3" 480 x 272-pixel colour display with backlight and dual-port gigabit ethernet, support for Headsets, Bluetooth and WiFi


The T57W VoIP Phone featuring an adjustable 7-inch touch screen display, dual port Gbit Ethernet ports, Bluetooth 4.2 built in, USB, Built in dual band WiFi and Wired or Wireless Headset compatability. 

Yealink T58A

The T58A VoIP Phone featuring enhanced HD audio and 7 inch tocuh screen display and features such as 5-way audio conferencing and built-in Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) and Bluetooth 4.2 Compatibilty with Dual Port Gigabit Ethernet.

Yealink T58A-CAM

The T58A CAM VoIP Videophone featuring HD audio and video calling, 7 inch touch screen, 720p30 HD video, Doorphone option, Bluetooth 4.2 compatibilty, built in 2.4g/5G Wifi, USB 2.0 port, Dual GBIT Ethernet ports. 

Yealink W41P

The W41P DECT Cordless Desk Phone is a equipped with 2.7" 192x64-pixel graphical LCD with backlight. Featuring HD and crystal clear audio,  6 soft keys with LED's, works with Yealink DECT handsets also.


UC902 delivers superior High Definition audio quality, a perfect choice for small to medium businesses looking for Hands-Free and a high quality display IP phone at an affordable cost.

H-TEK UC912e

UC912e is a perfect choice for advanced medium business VoIP. If you need a high-quality, middle-priced and feature-rich IP Phone with six feature buttons, this is your #1 choice. This IP device has a large display and has a handsfree function.


UC923 is a Gigabit Colour IP Phone. UC923 has a range of features for the busy executive assistant or manager etc. Feature-rich with Hands-Free and One Touch Buttons an affordable popular choice phone.


UC924 is an innovative Gigabit Colour IP Phone  optimised for executive use for major decision makers and administrative assistants. Comes with a large display, Hands-Free and HD Voice.