Improve your call handling by adding these Premium features to your Standard System features

Auto Attendant

Call Queuing and any comfort messages, music on hold or auto attendant options are available to direct your callers to the correct deparment or extension

Call Recording

Call Recording is charged as a monthly per user service with all recordings stored free of charge for the previous three months. You can select which users or teams are being recorded and access all calls online through the web portal


Virtual Office

For mobile workers, or those without a regular office, Virtual Office Services provides a UK or International number that will intelligently ‘hunt’ for the user when a call is received. This allows the user total freedom to work from any location or device with the added benefit of a single voicemail box

Fax Mail

Fax Mailbox is a Fax-to-Email service sending inbound faxes to the recipients email inbox. This service is suitable for customers main fax numbers or to provide DDI fax for individual users


 International, UK Geographical - 01xx and 02xx, Non-Geographical, UK Premium rate 09xx Numbers and number ranges can be supplied for most major destinations

Number Porting

You can keep your existing advertised numbers usually by porting them into our service.

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Time Profiles

For out of hours call handling we can set a time profile up to alter the way your calls are handled for Lunchtimes, busy or no answer times and evening, weekends and holiday times

Unity Reception App

Unity Reception is designed to support even the busiest front desk environments. Featuring a dynamic Busy Lamp Field, the ability to tag callers on hold and “popping” notifications when desired extensions become free, Unity Reception has unique capabilities to efficiently and intelligently manage inbound callers

Unity Desktop PC App

Unity Desktop PC is an enhanced communications application that lets users see who is on the phone, share notes about current calls and make better call handling decisions. Unity centralises communication services into one place, making employees more productive

Unity Mobile APP

Unity Mobile puts advanced office phone features on your mobile. Featuring hold, transfer, conferencing, instant messaging and call recording control, Unity Mobile provides advanced business communication features to knowledge workers on the move.

Unity Agent

Unity Agent is an essential tool in empowering Agents toward optimum call handling efficiency. All information relevant to the incoming caller, the status of fellow Agents and Supervisors, and the overall Call Center situation is presented within a refined business interface.

Unity Supervisor

Unity Supervisor is a powerful reporting and management interface that gives Supervisors  and team leaders relevant, real-time, performance information on Agents and queues, presented in a concise and intuitive table format.

Unity Dashboard

Unity Dashboard is an essential tool for providing  real-time visibility of queue conditions across the  Call Center. Suitable for Call Centers of any size,  Unity Dashboard provides the flexibility to display  your key call handling metrics.

Skype for Business 

Our Skype for Business UC-One plugin allows users of Microsoft SfB to use the Skype application for messaging and collaboration and voice-enables it for calling over the network. This means they only need to run the SfB client for a seamless experience. 

Unity CRM Integration

Collate all of your contacts seamlessly with Unity’s new integration with and Agile CRM. Facilitate contact lookup, automatically pop the CRM contact page and add call log entries and notes to contacts which are then saved in your CRM system.

Broadworks UC-One

UC-One is a presence and messaging application for PC, Mac and Mobile. In addition to showing the presence availability of other users, wherever they are, UC-One includes a SIP client for the making and receiving of calls on the computer. Available in different versions

Mobile SIM & PBX

A Hosted PBX seat and a GSM mobile SIM from Vodafone or O2, Mobile provides a fully meshed fixed and mobile experience. Featuring One Number, One Voicemail, presence, chat and live call push/pull, VanillaIP mobile extends the full capabilities of the hosted phone system to mobile workers.

Instant Messaging & Presence

Our Unity and UC-One apps provide customers choices about which functionality they want to use on which device. We sit across all workplace platforms including Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android. From any device and any client users can send instant messages and share presence settings.

Flexible Seating

Flexible Seating allows users to log into any Host phone, which then immediately downloads and applies the configuration file of the hot desking user, without requiring a restart. This has major advantages both in functionality and simplifying the licenses required for a hot desking environment.

Desktop Share

The UC-One application is a full UC client that includes desktop sharing in addition to making calls, instant messaging and presence. UC-One also utilizes My Room, where you can easily invite internal colleagues and external contacts to your own meeting room. This can then be video enabled for a natural face to face meeting

Conference Bridge

Conference bridge is a free service for all users.  Each user has their own unique conference bridge ID and moderator PIN, so they can control the conference. The Moderator admin web applet controls the start and end of the conference, mute participants and turn the conference to lecture mode, where only the moderator can speak.

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