Along with the Standard Smart Features you get 

Concurrent Calls

Decide how many concurrent calls you need at anyone time to define how much bandwidth you need to cope with the volume of calls in and out at any one time. Not all extensions are in use at hte same time basically

Free On Net Calls

Calls over the internet are FREE of charge to other VoIP destinations

Call Managment

Inbound calls can be routed according to the set up of calling features within the system, such as Call queues, IVR Menus, Hunt Groups and Recorded Announcements etc

Credit Locking

Our system protects you from Toll -Through-fraud with a simple credit limit set on each users extension and high risk numbers barred from access

Contact Directory

A personal and corporate contact directory for all those supplier and customer numbers accessed from your phone or from the Smart UC-One or Unity Lite or Mobile applications

Conference Calls

Setup ad hoc conferencing, bring up to 8 internal and external callers together for a conference call. The Conference Bridge setup is highly configurable. Participants can be asked to record their name which is played before joining or the session can be run as an open door

Extension Number

Add an internal intercom extension number to the handset to make calls internally and transfer calls to collegues

DDI Number

Add a DDI number to the Extension to enable inbound calls from outside to call the users handset directly

Voice Mail Message

Add a Personal Greeting and Voicemail message to answer calls when your busy or away from your desk for both Intercom calls or Incomming calls to your DDI number

Voicemail to Email

Forward your voicemail messages to your email service and never miss a call again

2000 Bundled Mins

2000 inclusive minutes of free calls to 01,02,03 and the big four mobile networks

FREE Handset

Free H-TEK Handset Choose from UC902, UC903,UC923, UC924 (36 Month Contract Only)

Unity Desktop

Unity Desktop is a UC tool for Windows and Mac that exposes all the BroadSoft features to the user. With a Busy Lamp Field, Call Control buttons and service configuration Unity lets users control their extension status and service configuration from within the familiar Windows environment

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