Protect your home & business with DrayTek

Web & Internet content filtering

DrayTek's Web Content Filtering (WCF) facilities enable you to protect your network and your users from web content according to your preferences.That includes staff within a company, or children within your home or other educational/community environment. There are many risks online but the four main reasons are:



As DrayTek WCF is performed by your router - your point of entry to the Internet - it is far more difficult to circumvent than software solutions installed on each client/PC and applies to guest PCs too (laptops, tablets etc.). Blocking/filtering can be selective for certain computers or users so that, for example, managers or parents can have less filtering imposed than other users and time schedules can apply these content filtering for specific time periods only. For example, in your home, you might block YouTube and Facebook during homework time, but allow it at other times of day.

GlobalView covers 64 separate categories which you can select as blocked or permitted

Globalview requires a subscription to the Globalview server.


This is a 12-month subscription available from Express Telephony by way of an activation key (code).


There is no additional licencing for the number of users you have on your LAN; it is a flat fee based on your router model:

Most DrayTek routers support Web Content Filtering; check out our specific product line to select a suitable product or speak to Express Telephony Limited on 08008493366, your DrayTek authorised dealer today!