London’s Full Fibre Roll-Out, Explained

The 2025 Switch Off is just two years away and internet providers across the country are upping the ante on their fibre rollout efforts. The Switch Off will see the ISDN/PTSN networks closed by the end of 2025 in favour of a faster, more resilient fibre network.
All businesses across the UK will need to act and make the switch to fibre before the 2025 deadline, or risk being cut off. Luckily, there are organisations across the country working to ensure the transition to full-fibre broadband is as efficient as possible.
Different internet service providers (ISPs) are taking responsibility for rollout in the different regions of the UK, with alt-nets such as Community Fibre serving London’s full-fibre revolution.
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What is an alt-net?

An alt-net is an ISP that has built its own independent telecoms network as an alternative to Openreach. The vast majority are building pure full-fibre networks and rolling them out in different regions of the UK.
Alt-nets such as Community Fibre have already helped thousands of businesses make the switch to full-fibre internet, with speeds of up to 3000Mbps – that’s fast!

Why full fibre?

Fibre internet is the solution to the country’s growing reliance on all things digital. The traditional ISDN/PTSN is no longer fit for purpose, mainly because the copper cables that carry the network were not designed to offer the bandwidth businesses need to become more digitally savvy.

Fibre broadband, on the other hand, is faster, more reliable, and much fitter for modern communications. You can learn more about fibre connectivity in our blog here.

Why choose an alt-net?

No two alt-nets are the same, with many offering different benefits for customers choosing to work with them. Community Fibre offers full-fibre, rather than fibre to the cabinet (FFTC), meaning their broadband speeds are up there with the fastest on the market.

Of course, for many businesses, fast speeds mean higher productivity, so choosing to work with a full-fibre alt-net can make a big difference to how they work.

Alt-nets are also smaller providers than the national ISPs, such as Virgin Media, and focus their efforts on smaller regions. This allows alt-nets to offer a more personalised experience, with customer satisfaction often very high.

Why work with Express Telephony?

Businesses across the country will have to make a couple of decisions before the 2025 Switch Off. Not only will they need to make the switch to fibre broadband, but they’ll also need to choose an alternative communication platform.

The Switch Off will mean analogue phone lines will no longer be available, but internet-based communications such as voice over IP (VoIP) will become the norm. Finding a provider that can offer both fibre broadband and VoIP services will make the switch an easier process.

Express Telephony has partnerships with alt-net providers, including Community Fibre, to offer businesses in London a smoother transition. We also offer VoIP packages to suit every business size, budget and need to ensure every organisation is ready for the 2025 Switch Off.

If your business is in the London area and you wish to learn more about Express Telephony’s broadband packages in partnership with London’s alt-nets, as well as our VoIP packages, please get in touch here.