Local Flitwick church can now reliably livestream services thanks to Express Telephony

Due to the King’s Church Flitwick’s location, the Grade-II listed building was unable to get FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet), and had instead opted for a 4G router that took the local wireless signal from a SIM card and distributed it as a Wi-Fi signal through the building.

However, coverage was very spotty across the entire site, thanks to thick walls and considerable interference from parishioners’ phones during services. The church even had an unwritten rule to keep doors open to ensure the strongest signal possible!

As a modern church, it had also adopted a card payment device that parishioners could use to make donations during events, as well as livestreaming Sunday services. However, the connectivity had a knock-on effect, timing out on donations and negatively impacting the streaming video quality, with leaders having to stay in specific areas to ensure a halfway-decent connection.

That’s when Express Telephony stepped in to ensure the Church could deliver reliable livestreaming and payment services, delivering a solid internet connection for the team and clergy.

“Wireless internet services don’t just depend on local signal strength. For example, the specific hardware used to transform the cellular connection to a Wi-Fi connection can have a massive impact on performance!”
Martin Adams, Director, Express Telephony

Express Telephony opted to install a new business-grade Draytek router and antenna, delivering the fastest possible speeds, while enabling high-quality video livestreaming and reliable card payments, for the church to send its message, and attract donations from as far and wide as possible.

Furthermore, Express Telephony split the connection to provide a ‘Guest Wi-Fi’ network for visitors, while protecting younger browsers from adult content by adding robust content filters. Now, the parish team doesn’t have to worry about youth group members accessing unsafe content, or a high volume of parishioners affecting signal strength during livestreams.

“This solution is perfect for churches of any denomination to move with the times and embrace modern methods of maximising engagement with their communities, no matter how strict the build restrictions are.


And, having worked with multiple Diocese in the past, we understand the nuanced challenges of working with religious establishments, ensuring all stakeholder concerns are resolved before moving forward.”
Martin Adams, Director, Express Telephony

Whether a religious establishment or traditional business, anyone based in the South that wants to solve their connectivity challenges can book a call here, or reach out to Martin Adams on 03303 322 640 to find a cost-effective answer to their troubles.