Keep Your Numbers!

Keep your existing number range when you port your numbers into Express Telephony

Porting Numbers Into Express Telephony

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letter of authority doc

 from Express Telephony

complete letter

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sign and date the

Letter of authortity

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send letter of


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Number Porting

Keeping your numbers and porting them into express telephony from your current provider is a simple regulated process.



If you wish to port a number to us – or more than one number – it’s a pretty simple process which can be completed swiftly. We will require you to complete, sign and email one Letter of Authority document which we will send you when the process starts. 


The forms will ask you to fill in details such as the number(s) you wish to port, your current provider and details of where the line is currently installed at. We will also need to see proof of ownership of any number you wish to port, such as a bill or invoice from the provider you’re moving away from.


The process usually takes around 2 weeks to complete, but it can be less depending on a number of factors. However, we will give you plenty of notice of the official porting date as soon as we get confirmation from your current provider.



Ordinarily there is a fee of £15 to port a number to our service for the first number, with this reducing to £10 per number for any additional numbers.However, for larger quantities of numbers – including those all in one range – we can give you a tailored quote which will provide greater value for money. To receive a quote simply contact us using the details below.

To get things started just contact our support team and request the porting forms.


Tel: 0330 3322 640