impacct Case Study

Satellite connectivity enables Truro office to boost productivity via robust connectivity.

The customer

IMPACCT is made up of experienced and talented people all motivated by one goal – a passion for creating seamless, memorable meetings which deliver business objectives and strong, positive participant feedback.

The business works out of three sites, a head office in Stevenage and a satellite office (no pun intended) in Truro, Cornwall.

The challenge

Given the location of the Cornwall office, no fibre services are available with the only broadband connectivity option available to IMPACCT being ADSL – a decades-old network that could only reach speeds up to 26Mbps. Obviously, this was far too slow for multiple members of staff to connect to cloud systems and run video calls!

Plus, the inclement and unpredictable weather and heavy winds also impacted the connection, producing unpredictable outages that could last a matter of minutes or hours. Again, this had a knock-on effect on the business, given that staff would drop out of calls or find themselves offline with no warning or resolution.

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The solution

A Leased Line would have been prohibitively expensive, given the excess construction fees. Therefore, Express Telephony opted for a more innovative solution, Starlink!

Delivered as part of Elon Musk’s SpaceX program, Starlink operates 70+ low Earth satellites that enable high-speed bandwidth in hard-to-reach areas, which was perfect for IMPACCT.

With speeds up to 220Mbps, priority bandwidth (over non-business users), and a data allowance of 1Tb per month, IMPACCT would be able to facilitate and manage as many video calls, and collaborate internally, without any worries about sup-standard speeds or outages from affecting the business’ operations or credibility!

Once all was agreed, Express Telephony made the trip down to Truro to affix a small satellite dish on the side of the premises, with the only caveat being a clear line of sight to the sky! Within a couple of hours, the hardware was installed, and the connection was up and running.

The results

IMPACCT employees can now remain productive without relying on the subpar infrastructure within the local area. By adopting Starlink, the team can work unhindered, running HD video calls with no issues or drops in speed!

Plus, the solution was far quicker to install and more cost-effective than the only other viable option, a Leased Line, helping the business limit costs and enhance its connectivity sooner, to ensure maximum growth in the future.

And, if IMPACCT ever move premises, the Starlink satellite can quickly be removed and redeployed at the new site in a matter of hours, meaning a completely portable solution that enables a greater level of operational flexibility for IMPACCT and its staff.

In fact, IMPACCT is so pleased with the service Express Telephony has delivered, its sister company IMPACCT Live, has tasked the team to deliver a Leased Line to its Macclesfield site, which acts as its base of operations for recording video experiences such as conferences!

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