Hosted PBX Mobile SIM for Small Business

In the "mobile-first" age, stable and reliable communication is a must-have that makes life easier for everyone. It is especially critical for business owners who need to get in touch with customers 24/7. That is why Express Telephony offers a range of top-notch hosted PBX services.

Innovative HPBX SIM Solution

We aim to help you manage your call network effortlessly, without any technical issues and additional costs for maintaining your IT staff. Explore our available solutions and mobile SIM plans with extensions for providing your workspace flexibility and get multinet SIM benefits to expand your business contacts!

The hosted PBX phone system is a fully-featured solution that unites several or many phones into a single network via a local connection, 3G or 4G. The user can connect to the shared system using specialised hardware or software without any problems related to Wi-Fi infrastructure or broadband. Thus, hosted PBX for small businesses is a versatile option that allows everyone to use internal communication methods in the office and outside, including in-house managers and remote employees.

The mobile SIM UK is also indispensable for those whose business is related to travelling and frequent business trips. The ability to add a PBX mobile extension allows you to save resources on telephone costs, establish a trouble-free connection, and monitor the quality of customer interactions. Forget about the extra charges for international roaming charges and cooperation with cutting-edge innovations from Express Telephony professionals!

Hosted PBX Phone System Explained

Hosted PBX workflow is simple – the client calls you, and the call goes to the cloud, where it is processed automatically and sent to your PBX mobile extension. You can also customise the voice menu so that the users can get the most suitable referral to the right specialist. The smart queue is another essential advantage of the HPBX phone system, allowing you to set up call forwarding so that your specialists will quickly process all incoming requests without missing a single client.

Perhaps, setting up forwarding paths is the most challenging step for owners of hosted PBX for small business since installation is an individual option. Although it may take some time to design adaptive automation scripts, multinet SIM is a valuable asset that will pay off shortly. Moreover, you can always get competent advice from Express Telephony experts who are happy to help you solve any issues!



Hosted PBX has all the functions, advantages, and capabilities of office IP telephony. Simultaneously, the system doesn’t require additional costs to purchase and maintain specialised equipment, technical support, and the organisation of complex cable infrastructure. PBX mobile system allows you to create a branch of a company or an independent call centre anywhere in the world, without reference to particular geolocation!

Flexible Redirects Set Up

Setting up a phone system and adding a PBX mobile extension doesn't take much time, allowing you to scale the network to suit your business needs. You can also set up call recording to track the performance of your employees and improve customer experience.

Convenient Communication Ways

Hosted PBX allows you to reduce the number of business phone numbers for more comfortable interacting with clients. Besides, you will offer high-quality services for your customers with no fill-up of lines, allowing employees to always get in touch with a short response time.

Hidden Personal Data

PBX with SIM cards gives you particular business numbers for your customers to see. Thus, you avoid any unexpected display of personal data, even if users have the over-the-top app installed. This advantage is incredibly convenient for managers who use a SIM in combination with a private number in the dual-SIM phone.

Enhanced Security

Hosted PBX UK is a very convenient solution for various business niches, so connection security is a priority for the provider. We offer support for secure data transfer protocols and a credit lock functionality, guaranteeing the reliable safety of your information.

Top Hosted PBX with SIM Card

Our hosted PBX for small business is not a simple "mobile" network but a useful toolkit, opening horizons of unlimited opportunities. Innovative mobile SIM cards with HPBX support allow everyone to organise convenient and ergonomic communication methods as well as track, manage, and improve customers' success metrics. Installation and implementation of a telephone system are possible for any budget, office geolocation, and the number of employees. Furthermore, our super affordable rates will delight every business owner.


It doesn't matter if you own the newest smartphone or low-cost handset as both options will have the same feature-rich functionality with HPBX solution from Express Telephony. Moreover, the virtual PBX phone system can provide complete reporting and detailed statistics on calls. The phone system with PBX mobile extensions also has many additional features:

  • HPBX Extension provided on a mobile SIM
  • Can be added to any Primary Smart Package including Education and Charity.
  • Uses native dialler for calling, no OTT apps required
  • Call recording can be mandated, without option to bypass
  • Multi-Network SIM - EE and O2
  • Full international roaming, including roam like home in 27 EU Countries
  • Full Mobile billing services and calls included with Uboss billing
  • Allows native mobile service lie vehicle Bluetooth and Siri voice prompts to fully work

Affordable Mobile SIM Plans

Hosted PBX from Express Telephony is an all-in-one solution for businesses of different niches that provides companies with several phone lines and an abundance of mobile extensions. Multinet SIM is a versatile option that allows every top manager to forget about extra expenses for communications and simultaneously purchase several devices for different operators. Unite all your employees and users, including international partners and customers!

Unlimited CALLS

Free Sim Card


Multi-Net O2/EE Network


Secondary Service Type


Smart PBX


2000 Bundled UK Mins


30 Days Contract




Data Package Extra

£24.99/mth + Vat


Free Sim Card


Multi-Net O2/EE Network


Secondary Service Type


Smart PBX


2000 Bundled UK Minutes


30 Days Contract




Inc. 4GB Data Package



£29.99/mth + Vat



Free Sim Card


 30 Day Free Trial 


Multi-Net O2/EE Network


Secondary Service Type


Smart PBX


2000 Bundled UK Minutes


30 Days Contract




Inc. 10GB Data Package

£34.99/mth + Vat

For reference to Countries and Zones including Roam HPBX, along with the fair use policy on unlimited tariffs, please download the spreadsheet HERE.

Choose Hosted PBX Mobile SIM UK

Express Telephony hosted PBX phone systems come as a versatile service case, offering all IP-PBX abilities and advantages. It is a practical business tool and a cloud-based solution that doesn't require much time spent and extra budget for purchasing, mounting, and further maintenance. You only need to choose the most suitable pricing plan and get in touch with our specialists. Well-trained engineers and technical experts help you to design and create your own telephone system to grab more benefits from the latest IT solutions!


Scale hosted PBX UK according to individual needs by adding new extensions, allowing you to use multi-line phone numbers from any city, country, and operator. Order a test drive of the system today and get even more customers for your business by improving the quality of service!

Benefits of Hosted PBX Services for Full-Time Employees

Please note that introducing a corporate PBX mobile extension is also very beneficial for internal users. Connect agents, sales and management representatives, financial specialists, and many other business team members to the call centre network, so they can always stay connected. Thus, you will be able to organise constant communication between departments and ensure in-house and remote employees' safety when answering hand-free calls.

Noteworthy, healthcare workers and home visitors may need a simple handset with low-cost rates to get in touch with their patients and superiors. Providing companies with hosted PBX mobile extension means less equipment and software to buy.




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