Dispute Resolution

Our Dispute Resolution is outlined below.
Express Telephony Limited is committed to providing all customers with the highest level of service. However, in the unlikely event that you experience any issues, we would like you to make us aware of this, so that we can resolve any matters and stop them from happening again in future.

Contact Details

We can be contacted in writing at:

Express Telephony Limited
High Oak Business Centre
Unit 15 / 17 Gentlemen’s Field
Westmill Road
SG12 0EF

Customer Services contact details are as follows:

Telephone: 0800 849 3366
E-mail: support@expresstelephony.co.uk
Website: http://www.expresstelephony.co.uk

Customer Services

We will use our best endeavours to deal with all complaints fairly and in a reasonable timescale. We aim to respond to all complaints within 15 working days. In some circumstances, it may be necessary for us to respond by telephone. However, if you would like us to respond to you in writing then please request this. In the unlikely event that you have cause for complaint about any level of our service please follow the procedure below.

Contact the Customer Services Team

The Customer Services team will investigate your complaint and work to resolve any issues you may have, in line with your terms and conditions of service.

Contact the Customer Services Manager

If you feel that your complaint has not been adequately resolved, you can ask for the matter to be escalated and referred to the Customer Services Manager. The Customer Services Manager will review your case and attempt to resolve any issues. Should the matter not be resolved, a formal written complaint should be made. Calls to Express Telephony Limited may be recorded for monitoring and training purposes.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Express Telephony Limited believes that it is in everyone’s interest to attempt to resolve disputes without 3rd party assistance. However, if the above procedure has been followed without resolution you may refer your complaint to our arbitration service CICAS who are authorised by OFCOM to arbitrate in these matters and who can be found here http://www.cisas.org.uk/. Arbitration with CICAS can only be implemented 56 working days after an initial complaint has been logged, or until a deadlock letter has been issued by Express Telephony Limited.

Court action

Should all other methods of attempting to resolve the issues fail then court action can be started.

Code of Practice

A copy of the code or practice we follow should our customers not be happy with our handling of a dispute http://www.cisas.org.uk/

Contact details of related organisations and Best Practice guides

Express Telephony is a member of the ITSPA and is signed up to the ITSPA Code of Conduct:

For number porting, we follow the ITSPA Best Common Practice guide:

Recommendations for device Provisioning Security we follow can be found here:

We follow the Code of practice for Number Porting between ITSPA Members: