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With our polished contact centre services and advanced call centre software, you can and will boost your business in no time. You have come to the right place if you need excellent quality of a call centre in the UK at competitive prices!

Express Unity Contact Center connects your  customer to an Agent quickly by using  intelligent and flexible routing parameters.  All media streams can be managed uniformly with consistent overflow, escalation and  distribution policies. 

Call Centre Services from Express Telephony

A Quick Guide to Express Unity Dashboard

Express Unity Dashboard is an advanced call centre software. In practice, it is a real-time application that displays real-time stats onto a wallboard monitor or a mobile device.

How Our Contact Centre Software Works

The basic concept of call centre dashboard from Express Telephony is that it makes it easy for Supervisors to manage Agent call handling information regardless of their location. With our intelligent contact centre, your visitors can find out about the queue position, get call recording information, escape the queue options, and leave a message quickly. 

Advantages of Express Unity Call Centre Dashboard

To begin with, our application can present an extensive range of configurable stats. These stats can help you supervise a managed contact center easily.

Optimize abandoned and unanswered calls, analyze the in-queue, entrance, comfort, and escape positions on the go. Feel free to fit all the reporting information from our call centre dashboard around your business model!

Express Unity Contact Centre provides unlimited flexibility

Express Unity Contact Centre offers variable inbound caller routing experiences for Agents, enables contact centre businesses to scale their customer handling services to increase transactions while not increasing Agent head count. Supervisors have an overview of all incoming traffic across the contact centre managing both Queue and Agent resources to maximise productivity throughout the day.

Blended Agent Experience

The Agent interface collects and presents all call types enabling improved communication with clients and simplifying call handling and enabling presence and instant messaging with colleagues during the call

Intelligent Agent ACD

Express Unity manages Agents availability to all queue traffic, for example, when an Agent is receiving a chat or email caller it makes them unavaible to answer voice calls

Email Queues

Express Unity Contact Centre supports email and Gmail in queue enabling a clear view of these important callers and their status. Agents can be assigned email queues as the Unity Contact Centre Server logs into the email client

Pure CLoud Solution

As a cloud based platform we can scale media streams and Agents with no limits and no bottlenecks meaning that we can support you today and in the future

Copy & Paste Deployment

Express Unity’s Contact Centre portal allows supervisors to control the view of web chat queues and the way routing is behaving. Supervisors can then copy and paste it using JavaScript directly into their web page to go live with it