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Experience the Power of a Unity Contact Centre

Express Unity Contact Center connects your  customer to an Agent quickly by using  intelligent and flexible routing parameters.  All media streams can be managed uniformly with consistent overflow, escalation and  distribution policies. 

Unity Dashboard

Unity Dashboard

Unity Dashboard is a wall mounted application that displays Queue and Agent real-time stats giving all users an indication of current calling patterns. Featuring threshold alerts and customisable statistics, Dashboard is highly configurable to suit individual customer requirements.

Entrance, Comfort, Escape, Position in Queue and Estimated Wait Announcements-

A range of messages can be played to the customer, including their place in the queue and estimated wait time based on current queue conditions.

We can also play an Entrance Message to advise callers that their call may be recorded or that they can find information online.

We can separately report on calls that have abandoned during this entrance message.

The option to give callers an escape from the queue to leave a message is also available

Express Unity Contact Centre provides unlimited flexibility


By providing blended experiences for Agents, Express Unity Contact Center allows customers to scale their customer handling capability and process more

transactions without increasing Agent head count. Supervisors can visualize incoming traffic across all media types,

allowing them to manage Agent and Queue resources in real-time.


Blended Agent Experience

All media calls are presented  within the intuitive Agent interface, simplifying media handling and providing presence and chat with colleagues

Intelligent Agent ACD

Express Unity will intelligently manage the Agents availability to queues, for example making them Unavailable to voice queues when they have received web chat or email media

Email Queues

With support for Exchange and Gmail queues, the Unity Contact Center Server logs in as the email client and distributes emails to Agents that are assigned to each email queue

Pure CLoud Solution

As a cloud based platform we can scale media streams and Agents with no limits and no bottlenecks meaning that we can support you today and in the future

Copy & Paste Deployment

Express Unity’s Contact Center portal allows supervisors to define their web chat queue and routing behaviour then copy and paste the JavaScript into their web page to go live immediately

Web Chat Customization

Define how the chat animation will appear, what customer fields are required and which avatar and colour scheme to use to seamlessly embed Chat into your website

Canned Web Chat Response

Express Unity can support multiple concurrent webchat sessions, providing Agents with quick links to canned responses, attachments and links, improving customer response times

Advanced Routing

Unity features sophisticated routing options for all media types and options for connecting customers to the best equipped Agent and making greatest use of available resource during peak periods

Call Back Queues

As an alternative to inbound  voice queues Unity supports Call Me Back queues, where the customer’s details are queued to  an Agent, who then initiates the call-back with a single click

How Can We Help?


Unity Contact Center provides richer inbound experiences to customers on their media of choice.


Supporting Web Chat, Voice and Email queues, Unity allows customer engagement teams to multi-task any incoming contact, ensuring optimal customer service and first contact resolution.

Skills or Priority Based Routing

Calls can be distributed to Agents using Longest Idle, Priority based or Skills Based Routing. This routes the call to the correct agent to manage any customer requirement.


Skill based – Direct your customers to the agent with the correct skill set to answer there enquiry


Longest Idle – Calls that have waited the longest can be quickly identifed and answered 


Priority based – Priority based routing will prioritise certain queues, such as the Sales, VIP or Payments queues. 

This is an ideal solution where Agents are sitting across multiple queues and allows the platform to make informed routing decisions to maximize customer services.

Sales and Support queues can be staffed by the same Agents, Assign different skill levels for Sales and Support for each Agent ensureing Sales call never goes to an agent with a higher skill level for Support unless all the Sales rated agents are busy or unavailable. Up to 19 skill levels can be assigned in the Administration Portal.