Conference & Collaboration

Conference & Collaboration

Express Telephony offer a range of apps for customers to embrace a full Unified Communications feature-set either in a full conference suite room or via individual desktop users. Our Unity apps for PC, Mac and Mobile provides click to dial and call control to make all common telephone actions, such as calling, setting up a conference, activating settings such as Mobile Twinning just a mouse click away. Smart UC-One client Licences includes instant messaging, call control and a SIP endpoint allowing the computer to make and receive calls.


Express Telephony can provide all the equipment you need to make your Conferences a pleasure to setup and run. We can supply full feautured Wifi or lan connected TV's and PC's and install Conference phones for tables, supply collaboration serivces using clickshare and Slack or Microsoft Teams and Skype for Busienss etc. If you need projectors, sound equipment and Audio Visual equipment such as Lecturns and Micorphones for presenters etc we can supply a comprehensive range of products and services to solve most confernece requirments.

Conference Bridge


Express Telephony users can have ad hoc conferencing, where they can bring up to 8 internal and external callers together for a conference call. This can be set-up with the Conference buttons in the Unity interface and the Polycom and Yealink phones.


In addition, all users can have their own private dial-in Conference Bridge with the ability to add, mute and remote participants with entry security via conference ID PIN. The conference moderator has a web app to manage the conference, such as dialling out to request other parties, mute participants or change to lecture mode.


There is no service charge from VanillaIP for Conference bridge.  This allows resellers to bundle the service for all users or to create a monthly service charge with 100% margin.  The conference bridge setup is highly configurable. Participants can be asked to record their name which is played before joining or the session can be run as an open door.

Instant Messaging and Presence


Our Unity and UC-One apps provide customers choices about which functionality they want to use on which device.


We sit across all workplace platforms including Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android. From any device and any client users can send instant messages and share presence settings.

Desktop Share


The UC-One application is a full UC client that includes desktop sharing in addition to making calls, instant messaging and presence.


UC-One also utilizes My Room, where you can easily invite internal colleagues and external contacts to your own meeting room.

This can then be video enabled for a natural face to face meeting

Conference Bridge Moderator App


Conference bridge is a free service for all users that can be added easily either at the point of setting up the service or later if its found to be needed.


Each user has their own unique conference bridge ID and moderator PIN, so that they can control the conference.


The Moderator Admin web applet allows the Moderator to control the start and end of the conference, mute participants and turn the conference to lecture mode, where only the moderator can speak

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