ExpressRecord Call Recording


Our ExpressRecord Call recording service is becoming a standard supplied product with our customers as a result of the reducing cost of using a Cloud Hosted VoIP Telephony System service compared to a traditional PBX System.


The Uboss Call Recording component includes combining Call Logs and Recorded
Calls, Enhanced Security and Automatic Upload or Archive.


Why Call Recording? 

Being able to monitor staff performance and any customer dissatisfaction through call recordings, allows management to improve in areas such as staff training, productivity, call quality and overall customer experience. 


What are the added benefits for the consumer? 

ExpressRecord is fully GDPR/MiFiDii compliant, meaning all credit card transactions can be done with peace of mind and if a commercial dispute arises, recordings can be used to resolve the issue.

Home workers? Call recordings ensure they work as well remotely as they do in the head office making flexible working a whole lot easier. 


How does it work? 

With 4 different types of call recording (always, on demand, on demand with user initiated start and pause/resume) the user is able to record calls when and if they wish. The setting can be changed through Uboss as well as the Unity mobile and desktop applications. 

All call recordings can be accessed, listened to, downloaded and monitored through the our Cloud Management portal. Also offered are 90 days free storage of all recordings. Paid storage after 90 days is also available.


PCI Compliance
ExpressRecord Call recording is PCI compliant when used in conjunction with Express Telephony connectivity, which meets the requirement to keep all traffic “on net”. Our call recording service allows the person taking the call to pause and resume the call recording. This innovation was designed specifically to allow customer card details to be omitted from the recording to help customers meet their PCI obligations.

Taking Card Payments

For customers taking payment card details over the phone and others that have a regulatory or other reason to pause recording, we have developed mid call pause. This will allow a user to avoid capturing card details and other sensitive information.


This option is available if the call recording service is set to “Always with pause/resume” or “On demand with user initiated start”. In both cases the user can use the call recording button in Unity or the feature keys on Polycom IP phones to pause and resume