Leading VoIP Phone Systems for Business

Connect all employees into a single phone system, automating essential company activities and increasing the efficiency of small business workflows with VoIP telephone systems from Express Telephony! Available VoIP phone systems packages allow you to create streamlined interactions and significantly improve customer service.

Work Anywhere, Anytime!

Unlimited Fixed Line Broadband

Our fixed broadband for business is a 100% fit for tomorrow’s technology.

Choose Express broadband telephony today!


Our broadband telephony offers the best fixed broadband deals in the UK for businesses of all sorts and budgets. Depending on the type of your business, you can choose between Express, Express Unlimited, and Express Premium packages.

Best VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business UK

VoIP telephone systems (Voice over Internet Protocol) are the newest communication format that allows transmitting voice data over any IP & local network. Today, this is not only the most convenient way for employees to interact but also the most affordable business solution that opens up multiple development opportunities. The competent setting of business VoIP systems and professional equipment used guarantee Express Telephony customers additional convenience for communications, ensuring stable and high-quality connection.

Why Choose VoIP Phone Systems?

  • Budget optimisation. Implementing business VoIP allows you to save money on traditional landline installation and expensive equipment purchasing (using cloud service as an alternative).
  • 100% mobility. The primary condition for the correct operation of VoIP telephone systems is a reliable internet connection. Devices and location do not affect the performance.
  • Customisation flexibility. VoIP phone systems' implementation and managing take little time, which is especially essential for a rapidly growing business that regularly requires network updates.
  • Absolute reliability. Business VoIP phone service reduces third-party intervention risks. It provides not only a high-quality 24/7 connection but also high confidentiality of telephone conversations using encrypted TLS and VPN channels.
  • Wide variety of additional options. You can always connect answering machine functions, set up video and audio call recording, internal conferencing, and much more.
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VoIP Telephone Systems for Your Business Success)

Get in touch with our experts to receive a competent consultation on the implementation of VoIP for business, including the selection of a package of services, installation details, and recommendations for further operation.

Simple Business VoIP Installation

Step 1

Call us at your earliest convenience or fill out the form to contact us about your telephony requirements. Request a call back if necessary, so that our consultants will help you to determine your needs as accurately as possible.

Step 2

We will work out the best solution for your business. Let's pick the best package at an affordable price! Available cases for VoIP phone systems are ideal for meeting the individual needs of any niche and business.

Step 3

We will set you up, ensuring the very best in technology and service. We configure VoIP phone systems for a small business remotely and locally. The installation is fast, and it will not interfere with your business processes.

Business VoIP Telephone Systems from Express Telephony

Business VoIP phone service requires an internet connection. Because of that, it has quite a few advantages over a traditional landline connection, including affordable installation & maintenance costs, and a wide range of advanced features. To begin with, VoIP telephone systems offer unprecedented handsfree telephony comfort, allowing you to stay connected with customers and team members 24/7 anyplace in the world. Moreover, it enables you to transcribe your voicemail into a convenient format, saving you time significantly. Creating personalised recordings for your customers and redirecting calls to different offices has never been easier!


Although the cost of setting up VoIP telephone systems differs considerably from the one you usually get with a traditional landline, it does not influence the quality of connections. You can answer and make calls from different devices using one virtual number. This way, your clients get to enjoy first-class business VoIP phone service even though you own a small or a medium-sized company. You can also integrate calls into your CRM software to analyse the performance of your call centre further.

All-in-One Telephone Systems UK

The enhanced capabilities of telephone systems for business will drive increased sales by improving methods of interaction with customers. You can integrate ones into your website easily, making your online consultants more efficient. The absence of the need for specialised equipment and complicated software further simplifies the ways of cooperation and communication with your company. Pay attention to the possibilities that VoIP business phone systems provide for full-time employees. A reliable and secure internal network maintains audio and video communications, saving you from various frustrations and inconsistencies of using third-party plugins and add-ons.

Video Conferencing for Small Business

It's simple to connect your existing PBX or SIP Trunks to Microsoft Teams and enable home workers to access company PBX phone system features and audio and video conferencing!

Why do Businesses Use Video Conferencing?

Call2Teams™ is a simple add-on that connects Microsoft Teams to any PBX phone system or SIP Trunks in minutes, allowing making and receiving calls on any device using the Microsoft Teams App.


Work ANYTIME, ANYPLACE, ANYWHERE with the Express Cloud PBX and UC-ONE Trio Application to enable you to work from your office desk, your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.


It also comes free for various operating systems, providing call control remotely, without purchasing any additional hardware. You can also track employee activity and set up redirection of incoming calls in a few clicks.  

Flexibility & Scalability Desk Phones

Whether you are at an office desk, working from home, or are a part of a large call centre organisation, we provide a desk phone solution for your business that perfectly suits your needs. We offer several ready-made cases for any niche, including cloud-based business VoIP and on-premise telephone systems. Security, high quality of broadband connection, and relevance of functionality are the main features of the built-in VoIP phone systems. This solution is ideal for businesses with large communication networks.

#1 VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business

Choosing a provider of VoIP telephone systems determines the quality of service, the reliability of the technologies used, and the security of confidential data. Express Telephony has many years of experience working with various niches, small businesses & big corporations, customising communications networks of any type and size. We supply excellent audio & video messages as call data is a priority and depend on the internet speed. Our experts strive to make the setup as convenient as possible, saving you from exploring multiple user guidances. Thus, the implementation of business VoIP will be affordable for you without any significant investment.

Why Business VoIP from Express Telephony?

We provide some of the most cost affective connection rates of business telephone systems, regardless of their size, complexity of structure, and the number of departments. Express Telephony is a trusted partner, offering the services of qualified experts and well-trained technicians exclusively. What's more, our telephone systems for small businesses are in high demand because of their exceptional advantages.


  • High-quality business VoIP services. We offer first-class hardware and phone apps, and also provide qualified customisation and follow-up support for existing customers.
  • Full scalability. Our specialists quickly customise and adapt VoIP phone systems according to your current needs, adjusting to your business changes almost instantly.
  • Outstanding efficiency. Installation and configuration of business VoIP systems will take a little time without having to suspend your business.
  • Absolute compatibility. In most cases, you do not need to purchase professional equipment to install business VoIP with Express Telephony. Nevertheless, our experts are always ready to help with the selection of compatible devices!
  • Convenience of cooperation. We offer a fantastic range of business VoIP systems and services, including flexible contract terms and scaleable Rental Packages.

Contact Us For More Information on our Telephone Systems

High-quality telephone communication is an essential component of your business success. When you choose VoIP phone systems, you not only open up new opportunities but also greatly simplify the management of the company, saving time and money. The installation and configuration take less than a few hours, and our experts are ready to advise you in the future, providing a full range of VoIP services for business. 


We customise solutions for your individual needs, offering necessary services at transparent pricing. Connect landline numbers of the world countries you need, mobile & hotline numbers. Expand your business opportunities with advanced VoIP phone systems for small business!