Business Leased Lines Solutions

You don't have to put up with sharing your Internet connection with the rest of the street! 

Get connected to the Internet with a dedicated internet Leased Line.

With a fibre leased line only your business is connected to it,

connection is fast and reliable and will improve business continuity and productivity throughout your workforce.

The Benefits

Dedicated Bandwidth From 10Mbs To 10Gbps

Free Connection subject to survey

Competitive prices

SLA 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday

Cloud data solution support

VoIP Phone service support

Contract term 3 years

Enterprise grade

Symmetric upload and download speeds

99.995% network reliability

Fix times from 5 hours

Business class support

What is the difference between Fixed Broadband

& Leased Line Broadband?



Fixed broadband has no dedicated connection between the premises and local exchange. Usually fibre optic to the local cabinet and copper wire to your building with faster downloads than upload speeds and is shared with other local users. Suitable for Small to Medium Sized businesses and home and remote workers

Leased Line


Leased Line Broadband has a dedicated fibre optic connection between the premises and the local exchange. It is only used by your business and is an enterprise grade service which has the same download speed as the upload speed. Suitable for all businesses and institutions, Schools, Universities, Government buildings etc.

Receive support for upgrading to Full Fibre Gigabit Broadband

The government announced in March 2018 a new full fibre, Gigabit capable broadband connection voucher offer to enable businesses to get the fastest, most reliable speeds available for full fibre broadband. Available for small to medium sized businesses in Britain. The £67m Gigabit Voucher Scheme will help businesses with Leased line costs.

Gigabit vouchers are available for small and medium sized businesses and the local communities, towns and cities and rural areas surrounding them to pay towards to the installation cost of a gigabit-full fibre optic connection.

Businesses will be offered a grant of up to £2,500 towards the cost of connection either individually or as part of a group project. Residents or groups can obtain a voucher of £500 (plus VAT) as part of a group project. 

How do I apply?

Am I Elegible?

Am I in the right area?

What are the connection details?

What does the vouchers cover?

How do I apply?

Call or email us to get a leased line quote in the first instance. We will check with our leased line providers to confirm the best price for the service and any costs that might be incurred for getting the circuit connected and tested ready for your use. We will also send in the form for your Gigabit Voucher application to save you doing it and manage the whole process at no extra cost to you. 


Call us on 03303322640  or email for more information.

Am I Elegible?

Am I in the right area?

What are the connection details?

What does the vouchers cover?

Enquire today to recieve your £2500 government grant

Gigabit Voucher scheme is a limited time offer and is subject to availability