Safeguarding children online safety solutions is everyone’s business and as an ISP and supplier of technical solutions, we’d like to do what we can to support online safety initiatives, especially for children. This is a complex area and has many moving parts, ranging from apps on a smartphone, the smartphones themselves, ISPs such as ourselves, all the way to legislators and even investors; an international ecosystem known as the Online Digital Context (see diagram “Online Digital Context").



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SafeToNet, the multi award-winning cyber safety company is safeguarding children from bullying, grooming, abuse and aggression online.

The pioneering SafeToNet app uses artificial intelligence to detect and filter predatory risks in real-time. When a risk is detected the app provides digital wellbeing audio guides that help children deal with the issues associated with living in a digital world.  



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While there is very good UK Government Statutory guidance based on the principles of “Contextual Safeguarding" for keeping children safe offline, these guidelines stop at the online; they simply don’t have anything useful to say. Yet the online intrudes into every offline space, no matter how private.


With the advent of smartphones, social media and ubiquitous WIFI or mobile phone coverage, the world has access to our children, wherever they are (diag “Contextual Safeguarding"). According to the Internet Watch Foundation ( the most dangerous place for a child to be alone with a smartphone is the locked family bathroom.

SafeToNet Foundation Podcasts

What can we, Express Telephony do as an independent local ISP and technology solutions provider, to help address this complex, dynamic and international problem?

We’ve teamed up with a UK registered charity, the SafeToNet Foundation (charity number 1779486), who specialises in child online safety. They have advice and guidance for children and parents from subject matter experts on their website (, risk assessments of 100 online apps and games ( and produce an ongoing series of audio podcasts featuring interviews with world leading subject matter experts that cover the technical, legal and cultural aspects of safeguarding our children online.

We’d encourage all our customers to download and listen to these excellent podcasts and help the SafeToNet Foundation to meet it’s charitable objective of educating and informing the general public about this complex and at times arcane problem