5 Reasons You’ll Need an Internet-based Calling System Before 2025

The ‘2025 Switch-off’ will mark a massive change in the way businesses will communicate with their customers. Getting ahead of that change could mean the difference between a steady business and a growing business.

So, here’s a bit of background on why 2025 is such an important year for the future of your business, and 5 even more important reasons why you should be looking to get ahead of the 2025 Switch off, instead of leaving it last minute!

What is the 2025 Switch-off?

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), which you probably know better as ‘the landline’, has become outdated and inefficient. And with spare parts and qualified engineers harder to find, maintaining the network has become prohibitively expensive!

Over the years, Broadband internet connections have become far more efficient methods of transmitting information. As a result, digital communication technologies like Voice over IP (VoIP) and Unified Communications (UC), have leapfrogged traditional calling services, incorporated a wide range of critical features and new methods of communication, quickly establishing themselves as new standards in business telephony.

Therefore, Openreach decided to get rid of the PSTN service altogether and has been on a 5-year journey to deactivate the old PSTN network in favour of these new technologies that allow businesses to run their telephone services through their internet connection instead.

So, if you don’t want your phones to fall silent on the first of January 2026, you’ll need to get your phones switched onto a VoIP or UC solution! You could wait another year or two, but we’d recommend you make the switch sooner, rather than later. And here are five reasons why:

5 reasons not to wait for 2025


One of the main reasons businesses are switching now is the significant cost-savings a modern internet-based calling system can provide.

Without costly line rental, hardware and maintenance charges, businesses can save up to 30% of their existing costs.

In fact, Express Telephony’s VoIP services start at just £7.95+VAT per month. Call 03303 322 640 to see what plan is best for you!


Because VoIP and UC solutions only need an internet connection, your team can easily work from home and on the go.

Not only can working from home ensure staff are always contactable, but it also helps your employees improve their work/life balance, and even help you attract top talent looking for hybrid working roles!


With your team able to stay in touch more easily, you’ll likely find improvements in efficiency too.

Fewer missed calls and voicemails to catch up on, quicker sales journeys and overall, a slicker, more efficient work experience for your team can all compound to create a more efficient workforce that can do more in the same space of time.

Customer experience

Modern consumers don’t just want to talk through their queries… they want the answers, and they want them now. Consider too that younger generations have never thought of phone calls as a primary communication method.

That’s why many VoIP and UC systems also enable you to adopt more modern communication channels, such as video, messaging and chatbots, giving you more ways to impress customers with your ability to communicate seamlessly!


Legacy phone services limit the capabilities of your team, restricted to physical handsets and only one way to communicate.

VoIP and UC services can quickly introduce new features that improve business communications, meaning as new features become popular, they are likely to be added to your VoIP service, keeping you up-to-date with all the best features to engage with customers and collaborate with colleagues!

Why choose Express Telephony?

While we may not be the size of BT or TalkTalk, our size gives us the ability to deliver a level of service you won’t find from the bigger names.

In fact, we’re famous for getting refunds for our customers’ unnecessary charges and penalties, so if you think you’ve been overcharged by your previous supplier, we’ll fight for you too.

We also get that all these acronyms like VoIP and UC are complicated, so we’ll be diligently patient, explaining everything you need to make the most informed decision for your business.

Our team also leaves no stone unturned in understanding your business and making sure that your new system meets all your needs now, and in the future.

So, if you want to work smarter, not harder, and have a team that genuinely has your back, get in touch with us today and future-proof your business from the 2025 Switch Off, before it’s too late!